Welcome to Doctors Charity

DOCTORS CHARITY established in 2008 by a team of visionary doctors, Doctors Charity is a multi-service non-profit based in New York helping people worldwide. Currently we operate in the U.S. and Africa to deliver medical care and equipment, health and education, microfinance, and investment in agriculture in communities that need it the most. We have six major projects reaching hundreds of people in need.

The ultimate aim of DOCTORS CHARITY is to build a legacy of service. We envision a day when medical professionals the world over will set a day aside out of their busy schedule every month to volunteer their times to providing free and qualitative healthcare in poor communities.

We want to be about service—service to the people and service to the community. We desire a world in which medical professionals and other healthcare providers would make service to their people, their communities and neighboring communities an integral part of their monthly schedule. We believe that by coming together, we can build for the world a big global community of medical care where we are all responsible to the wellbeing and care of each other and a world where no one goes bankrupt as a result of falling ill or dies from lack of care due to poverty

Our Mission

Every person deserves access to life improving and lifesaving information, medical care, and economic opportunities to support their families. We are dedicated to providing medical care and resources to the economically disadvantaged. Our mission is to deploy effective and coordinated efforts to ensure people gain access to qualitative medical care, and economic resources.

Our Legacy

We aim to increase a legacy of giving and service among doctors and our global community at large. We envision a day when everyday professionals feel compelled to volunteer and give regularly to medical missions. access to qualitative medical care, and economic resources.

Who we work with

DOCTORS CHARITY develops key projects to assist medical professionals to deliver medical care, equipment, supplies and medical training in the U.S. and the developing world. We invite doctors and other professionals interested in helping needy communities to volunteer on any number of our projects, and/or donate funds to assist in the deployment of these key projects. There are so many ways to give back. We have focused on three core areas:

  • Service: delivering pro bono medical services via home visits and medical missions abroad
  • Resource distribution: providing medical equipment to communities that need it
  • Financing: rallying funds to support microfinancing and farming initiatives

Our Key Features


Pick from our projects to help fund. Every dollar counts. You can also donate medical equipment targeted at poorly-served communities in West Africa and participate in our annual charity ball.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer and be a part of an organization boldly increasing access to healthcare and economic resources in vulnerable communities. Your help is needed to deliver care, education, and training in the U.S. and Africa.

Participate via Telemedicine

For volunteers who are unable to leave their jobs to travel for an on-site medical intervention, Telemedicine offers the right avenue. Working with your free time and schedule, we can fix consultation appointments with you and your patients in Africa, thereby efficiently meeting the same goals.

Create Projects

Doctors Charity is working on a list of amazing projects started by Doctors just like you. You can easily become part of this amazing process by registering with us.

Our Partners

Ihotu Telemedicine Clinic is a newly established private healthcare facility in Abuja, Nigeria. The hospital seeks to provide affordable healthcare across board without compromising on the high standards of the medical care that we offer. Click here for more information